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onsdag, september 05, 2012

Om torpederingen av ss Kastelholm

skrev jag i januari 2011:


Idag kom det ett brev från Amerika:

I have read the information on the cargo ship "Kastelholm".  My father was a cook on the ship when it was sunk back 1941 ,he survived 3 days at sea before being rescued, I believe one crewmember died.  My father was only 21 years old at the time so the event must have been quite exciting and frightful for him, he never spoke very much about it though.   After seeing your research I have become very interest in the sinking and the history of the ship.  My father had some  pictures of some crew members but I don't know if it was taken on the Kastelholm or some other ship, he continued to work on ships until we immigrated to Canada in 1952, then on to California in 1959.  My father passed away a few years ago and I'm sad he never saw the pictures and history of the ship and especially the sub that sunk him. Thanks to the internet so much information can be researched and shared, thank you for what you have found.  I hope you can read this in English my Swedish is very limited.

Thank you for your research.


Lloyd Vide

Där ser man! Lloyd Vide i USA hittar det jag skrev om torpederingen av ss Kastelholm och kan också läsa vad som står där, antagligen med hjälp av något översättningsprogram. Det kan inte bli bättre!

Kastelholm, Kurt Mattsson Helsingfors - Kopia[2]

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Anonym sa...

Ja du internet e bra det...


Anonym sa...

Jag läste vidare om vad du tidigare skrivit om ss Kastelholm, och där står att större delen av besättningen var ålänningar, kanske man kan dra slutsatsen att denne Lloyd Vide kan vara en ålandsättling och hans far kanske hette Widén... ?

Astrid H.

Pettas sa...

Internet är bra i sådana här sammanhang i all synnerhet. Jätteroligt att få ta del av brevet

Kapten Haddock sa...

Astrid, intressant tanke. Ska forska i saken.

Anonym sa...

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