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måndag, juli 16, 2018

Yrvind gav upp

Sven Yrvind avbröt seglatsen till Nya Zeeland. Han befinner sig nu på Porto Santo i Madeira. Nedanfinnandes citat är från Yrvinds blogg

"Yrvind is now on Porto Santo. He has decided to restart with a new boat. ExLex, which is basically an experiment, has some issues that must be solved. For example is the boat too heavy, which affects both speed and stability. There is a serious problem with the stering control that causes the rudder to lock. It is too cramped inside and it has not been possible to handle the sail from the front hatch as it was intended. All in all, this means that Yrvind decided to make an restart and design a new boat where these problems is corrected. Yrvind now needs to rest and comes when he feels ready with a status update here on the website".

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Pettas sa...

Det är säkert inte helt fel att vila på Porto Santo. Tack för uppdateringen Ole!